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Warcraft 3

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    TP3: Ruins of Stradford V1.3 (prot)
    [ Скачать с сервера (3.07 Mb) ] 09 Января 2016

    Type: Miscellanous / Other
    Category: Medieval / Warcraft
    Map Size: 256x256
    Playable Map Size: 244x244
    Suggested Players: 1:1 RATIO
    Game: The Frozen Throne

    >>>>>>The Plague 3: The Ruins of Stradford<<<<<<<

    Summary: This game revolves around a fairly new concept. You choose a gametype at the start, then each player chooses a race. You then have a selection of units to choose from and the price of the unit varies based on the quality of the unit. The host may also choose to enable heroes for added strategy and difficulty. You then take points placed on the map at strategic positions which generate money for each player on your team. There is no base building involved, only tower building from tower nodes that are capturable. The game plays out from there and the winner is decided based on skill level and how well they managed their resources.

    Background: The city of Stradford was taken in one of the most pivotal battles in the Plague lore. The border guard were almost wiped out in this battle but Chrigis and several other inflential leaders were able to escape. Now, years later Chrigis returns to avenge his fallen brothers and to gain an advantage over the undead. This battle could mean the defeat of the undead, or of humanity. 

    -Tranquil's Royal Captain
    -NatDis' Human Swordsmaster
    -HappyTauren's Footman Revised and Human Archer
    -Elenai's Blood Elf Shieldsman and Arch Cleric
    -Callahan's Templar
    -Jigrael's Spider Warlord
    -Dionesiist's Imperial Captain
    -General Frank's Blood Elf Pikeman, Phoenix Crusader, and Archer.
    -Hawkwing's Blood Elf Crusader
    -Halo's Mountain Giant Skin
    -Horusrogue's Abomination Skin
    -Friky's Arthas Skin

    If you have any information on how to improve the game or issues you found please feel free to let me know. Thank you.


    -Version 1.2

    -Fixed a bug and did minor balance changes.

    -Version 1.3

    -Did minor balance changes 
    -Units now will be removed when the owner of the units leaves the game (Update) Properly 

    Map is now protected.

    Категория: Разное | Добавил: Admin
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